What to do if You’re Locked Out of your House

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What to do if You’re Locked Out of your House

You’ve been locked out of your house, now what? Being locked out of your house is an unsettling experience, but luckily, there are some options that can help you get back in. Here are five tips to help you get back into a locked house.

Call a Locksmith

Not only as a last resort, but also to ensure you don’t damage your property whilst trying to get back in, contact a trustworthy locksmith such as ZS Locksmith in Sydney. No matter at which hour, day or night, our qualified locksmiths can help you safely enter your home without causing damage or further embarrassment.

Locksmiths can identify the root cause of your problem, from lost keys that need to be replaced or recut to faulty or worn our lock mechanisms that need to be repaired. Don’t delay in contacting a reputable locksmith for the above reasons.

Phone a Friend

Perhaps you’ve given a spare set of keys to a friend or family member. Contact them and ask if they can help get you out of this bind. If you’ve simply misplaced or lost your keys, perhaps all you need for the time being is for them to provide you with your spare set of keys.

Always be sure to have your locks replaced if you’ve lost or misplaced your keys, since unwanted visitors may be able to enter your home unimpeded. Locksmiths can help you secure your home with a new set of lock and key systems.

Break Into Your Own Home

If you’ve left a window slightly ajar or have a side or rear entrance that you can enter without having to use the same key, you can always try this method without causing damage to your property.

Although not recommended for safety reasons, sneaking into your windows also looks suspicious, particularly if you’re spotted by neighbours that may not know you too well. As a last resort, you may wish to try breaking down your door, but it’s really unnecessary and costly when compared to the convenience of having a locksmith simply let you back in without damaging your door or hurting yourself in the process.

Pick Your Locks

Lockpicking can be a difficult endeavour, but there are times where the clever use of a credit or debit card wedged into the lock mechanism may let you back in. In the best case, you may dislodge a blockage and be able to open the door, but in the worst case, you may end up further damaging the lock mechanism and perhaps damaging your card in the process.

Ask a Neighbour for Help

If you’ve been locked out of your home during the daytime or evening, you could always try knocking on your neighbour’s doors for assistance. If you’re absolutely adamant on cracking open your door, neighbours may be able to lend you screwdrivers, coat hangers, or other assorted items with which you can break into your own home.

We don’t recommend breaking into your home in the first place, but staying with a neighbour whilst awaiting a locksmith service to come by is a great option for a little warmth and safety, particularly later in the evening when you may be feeling vulnerable or unsafe.

ZS Locksmith Sydney

We understand that being locked out of your home can be frustrating. It’s also perfectly rational to consider all of your options, including breaking your locks just to get in. Why risk damaging your own home out of frustration when you can just call a quality locksmith like ZS Locksmith?

Our great locksmiths can help you get back in safely and efficiently without damaging your property. Contact us for more information or if you’re in a bind and need immediate service.

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