What Affects The Cost of Locksmith Services?

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What Affects The Cost of Locksmith Services?

Lost the keys to your home? Need to have your locks re-keyed? Locksmiths offer specialised services that can get you out of a bind, but often for a hefty price if you aren’t careful. What exactly affects the cost of locksmith services?

There are lots of factors you’ll want to consider before ringing up a locksmith near you. For instance, is the company reputable? Do they offer 24/7 services? How far will they have to travel?

Calling an emergency locksmith can often result in many additional unforeseen charges. Emergency locksmith services will vary in costs for a single visit depending on different factors involved. For example, you can expect to pay a premium for weekends or after hours as well. In any case, it pays to be informed of all of your options before spending your hard-earned cash.

Furthermore, a poorly done job can result in damaged locks or scratches to your property. Electronic locking systems may also be a specialised area that they’re not as familiar with. Be sure to hire a quality locksmith that will get the job done expertly. These tips can help you get the right service just when you need it.

Minimum Service Fee

Your first enquiry to any professional locksmith with regard to cost should be the minimum service fee. This fee typically covers the locksmith’s costs of labour, overhead, and transportation and can vary widely. If you live in Sydney, ZS Locksmith charges a $44 call out fee.

Travel Fee

Locksmiths generally service a fixed area and will charge you a premium if you’re outside of their normal boundaries. ZS Locksmith services all of Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. If you’re farther away, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll give you a final price before any work is done.

Lock Re-Keys

Whether it’s an old-fashioned lock system or electronic entry, you may wish to keep the locking system but change the keys. It’s often a lot cheaper than completely replacing the entire lock, because the locksmith will only need to replace the existing springs and pins with new ones that will only work with a new set of keys. This service is handy if you’re worried that someone has an unauthorised copy of your keys or if you’ve moved into a new home and want your locks to be compatible with a brand new set of keys.


Being locked out of your home, car, commercial property, or your safe is a frustrating experience. It’s also one of the most common services that locksmiths provide. ZS Locksmith can help with all of these types of emergencies.

The complexity of the lock system, programming, and security level can affect the final price. Expect to pay $45 for a car or house lockout service, but be sure to ask for the final price when calling for service.

How Much Will it Cost Me in Total?

If you’re in need of a reputable and quality locksmith in Sydney, contact ZS Locksmith and ask for a cost estimate. ZS Locksmith has fair and transparent prices as well as the expertise with a wide range of key and lock systems.

If you’re enquiring with ZS Locksmith about an emergency, be sure to specify any relevant details so that our expert locksmiths can better serve your specific needs. One tip to maximise your value is to let us know all the jobs that you need to be done (if there’s more than one) so that we may get it done in a single visit.

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