What to do if You’re Locked Out of your House

You’ve been locked out of your house, now what? Being locked out of your house is an unsettling experience, but luckily, there are some options that can help you get back in. Here are five tips to help you get back into a locked house. Call a Locksmith Not only as a last resort, [...]

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5 Common Commercial Locksmith Enquiries

An important consideration for any business owner is keeping your business secure at all times. Your inventory and equipment are valuable and that’s why it’s important to always have a reliable and trusted commercial locksmith on call to address your safety and security needs. A good commercial locksmith provides many services which can help [...]

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3 Most Common Locksmith Enquiries and What to Do

Lock and key systems are probably something you don’t give much thought to on a daily basis, and normally that’s just fine. After all, they keep your home, business, and personal belongings safe and secure for only you and your family or employees. But what happens when the inevitable happens and you misplace or [...]

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Modernise Your Home Security: Residential Smart Lock Systems

Smartphones, smart cars, and smart homes are all relatively recent technological innovations that have now become widely adopted in Australia and worldwide. Unfortunately, there are also many smart burglars.  While deadbolts and traditional lock and key mechanisms can help you to secure your home from unwanted entry, smart lock mechanisms allow you even greater [...]

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What Can Commercial Locksmith Services do For Your Business?

If you’re locked out of your home, it’s normally a pretty straightforward call to a specialist locksmith service such as ZS Locksmith in Sydney. What should you do if you’re locked out of your business, or suspect that your security’s been compromised at your place of business? Most locksmiths focus on residential or automobile [...]

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What Affects The Cost of Locksmith Services?

Lost the keys to your home? Need to have your locks re-keyed? Locksmiths offer specialised services that can get you out of a bind, but often for a hefty price if you aren’t careful. What exactly affects the cost of locksmith services? There are lots of factors you’ll want to consider before ringing up [...]

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Choosing The Right Locksmith Services

When it comes to having a safe home, one of the most important things you can do is having the right team of locksmiths. That’s why we’ve provided you with this guide, which will help you to choose the right locksmith services for your needs. For more information, you can keep reading below! Choose [...]

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All About Our Residential Locksmith Services

Having a safe home is of utmost priority to homeowners. When you have personal possessions and objects to take into account, you can’t afford to leave your home vulnerable. That’s why we’re here to help you out. When you need a residential locksmith, you can always count on ZS Locksmith to get you through [...]

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