3 Most Common Locksmith Enquiries and What to Do

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3 Most Common Locksmith Enquiries and What to Do

Lock and key systems are probably something you don’t give much thought to on a daily basis, and normally that’s just fine. After all, they keep your home, business, and personal belongings safe and secure for only you and your family or employees. But what happens when the inevitable happens and you misplace or lose your set of keys? What should you do if you’ve experienced a burglary or attempted burglary and the burglars were able to tamper with or damage your locks?

Locksmiths are qualified experts in installing, repairing, and replacing locks and thus should always be top of mind should you require urgent assistance or would like to upgrade your home or business security. Here are some of the most common enquiries we receive at ZS Locksmith.


At some point in life, we’ve all misplaced or lost keys to get into our home or business. Luckily, reputable locksmiths such as ZS Locksmith provide emergency on-call services and can respond quickly at all hours should you find yourself locked out.

Naturally, emergency services are also an essential function in the event of a burglary. Our qualified experts can have your locks repaired or replaced quickly, allowing you to have peace of mind and deterring future burglary attempts.


The most popular enquiry locksmiths receive regards residential lock and key systems. One of the most common causes of broken keys or damaged locks comes from inserting or removing the key too abruptly. Instead of rushing to insert or remove your key, take a few seconds to slowly lock or unlock the door and remove the key smoothly rather than pulling too hard.

Furthermore, if you’re experiencing difficulties inserting your key, make sure you’re using the right key for the right door or safe! It may sound obvious, but many people fail to organise their keyrings, and repeated attempts to insert the wrong key can gradually damage the lock and key. If your key is brand new, it’s possible that the key wasn’t properly cut. Have your keys made by qualified professional locksmiths to ensure that your keys are cut exactly to size.


Your business is important to keep safe, as you likely have inventory, product, or valuable equipment within that can attract burglars if they catch wind that your business isn’t properly secured. Professional locksmiths often have a good idea of identifying and recommending quality security and alarm systems as well as lock and key systems, so don’t neglect to have your business security issues analysed by a locksmith.

A common problem that can occur in commercial and residential locks is that door locks can seize up or lock or unlock too slowly. Particularly for commercial locks, which often see more day-to-day use than residential locks, slow locking systems are usually due to accumulated dirt and grime deep within the lock, which creates friction whenever the door is locked or unlocked.

Lock seizures can result from many different causes, but what’s important to remember is that you should never attempt to force the lock with your key as this can result in a broken key. If your lock is seizing up, try a silicone spray or graphite to help lubricate the lock. Otherwise, contact a professional locksmith to have a look and recommend a solution.

What Should You Do?

Whenever you’ve got one of the above problems, it’s always best to contact a qualified locksmith. If you’re in greater Sydney, ZS Locksmith should be the first point of contact. Our expert locksmiths can help get you out of a bind or provide you with lock and key repairs or replacements to keep your home and business safe and secure.

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